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Reports are supplied electronically. Other options available on request.


Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Up to 5 bedrooms

Over 5 bedrooms



Non-Domestic (Commercial) Energy Performance Certificates (CEPCs)

Entry level - from

(e.g. Small ground floor shop / single floor offices up to 100 m2 / industrial starter unit)

Second level - from

(e.g. Typical small 2 storey high street shop / offices)

Third level - from

(e.g. Small guest house / small pub /  typical small 3 or 4 storey high street shop / offices )

Other buildings





Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

First year DEC including Recommendation Report.

First building on the site

Additional buildings on the site (each)

DEC only, no Recommendation Report

First building on the site

Additional buildings on the site (each)

Advisory Report only, no DEC (not currently a valid option)

First building on the site

Additional buildings on the site (each)

The above prices assume individual buildings over 1000 m2. Special rates may apply for some smaller buildings or multi-site contracts







VAT is not applicable to any of these prices

All prices assume the building is within reasonable travelling distance of our base in Newton Abbot. Travelling costs may apply for buildings further away. Please call and discuss.

Do you need a larger number of reports?

We are pleased to quote for larger projects and can do so on a national basis

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DEC prices are subject to suitable drawings and / or asset register data being available for the floor areas to be verified without extensive site measurement

Reduced rates may apply for renewal of DECs we supplied previously. If this applies to you, please call.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) price from a local Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA)

Devon EPC price - EPC Devon price ~ EPC Newton Abbot price ~ EPC Torquay price ~ EPC Torbay price ~ EPC Exeter price ~ EPC Paignton price ~ EPC Totnes price ~ EPC Plymouth price ~ EPC Teignmouth price ~ EPC Dawlish price ~ EPC Bovey Tracey price

Devon DEA price - DEA Devon price ~ DEA Newton Abbot price ~ DEA Torquay price ~ DEA Torbay price ~ DEA Exeter price ~ DEA Paignton price ~ DEA Totnes price ~ DEA Plymouth price ~ DEA Teignmouth price ~ DEA Dawlish price ~ DEA Bovey Tracey price

Devon DEC price - DEC Devon price ~ DEC Newton Abbot price ~ DEC Torquay price ~ DEC Torbay price ~ DEC Exeter price ~ DEC Paignton price ~ DEC Totnes price ~ DEC Plymouth price ~ DEC Teignmouth price ~ DEC Dawlish price ~ DEC Bovey Tracey price

Best Prices for EPCs and DECs

DEC for schools ~ DEC for Offices ~ DEC for Leisure Centres ~ DEC for Swimming Pools ~ DEC for Health Centres

DEC for any Public Buildings

The above prices generally apply for services within the following areas

(Please note that we will work outside these areas and or alternative rates may apply for larger projects involving a number of properties)