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The value of Energy Assessor Associations being involved in the conventions process has been highlighted recently in a communication from ecmk, one of the Accreditation Schemes that do actively engage in the Conventions Group.

Non-domestic assessors now have clear guidance on the treatment of zones without fixed conditioning equipment (heating or cooling). This is long overdue and according to ecmk…

“At many times it seemed likely that this very important and fundamental issue would be removed from the conventions table permanently. It was in fact a direct quote from a letter sent to ecmk by a representative assessor group that finally convinced the decision makers that a convention to address the issue must be released.

I would, therefore, like to extend a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all assessors and representative bodies that have aired their views to ecmk on this and all other conventions issues. Your views are represented at the highest levels by ecmk and, as the release of this convention proves, they do make a difference.”

We very much appreciate the support of ecmk in this instance. It is a shame however we have not been able to engage equally with all of the other Accreditation Schemes. The convention is similar to what we proposed in our suggested guidance document issued in July 2009, and even closer to the updated document we issued in April 2011, so it shouldn’t really have taken 5 years to get here.

Clearly had we been directly represented at the Conventions Group this fundamental issue would have been resolved more quickly, and the same is certainly true for many other convention topics.

The statement from ecmk seems to be good news for the Alliance of Energy Assessor Associations which is hoping to finally see an Energy Assessor representative on the Conventions Groups in the near future. If this can be achieved from a distance, think how much more can be achieved from close-up.

Hopefully this is an indication that ecmk will be in support of having an Alliance representative on the Conventions Groups.  Clearly the benefits to the process from the Assessor Associations being able to work for mutual benefit with ecmk rather than through ecmk will be considerable.

3rd November 2014

The published article can be seen on the Energy Assessor Magazine pages here

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