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Guidance on when a commercial EPC is required

HI Devon in conjunction with DCHI has compiled a guidance flowchart based on the advice given in a variety of formats by the government and the various accreditation bodies responsible for interpreting the regulations.

The current version is available here

Guidance flowchart

What is the purpose if this document?

The commercial EPC guidance has been produced to simplify the decision making process for whether a building, on sale or rental, requires a commercial EPC.

It is intended to answer the question “Do I need a commercial EPC?”, “Do I need a non domestic EPC?”

This document is guidance for DCHI members advising on the need for a commercial (non domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

It is also suitable for use by agents and solicitors advising clients on whether they need a commercial (non domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

To understand whether your building will require a commercial (non domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on sale or rental download the Guidance flowchart

  Do I need a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?