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Commercial (Non-Domestic) Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Torquay
Also referred to as CEPCs

HI  Devon provides Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for commercial (non domestic) buildings in Torquay and the surrounding areas.  We provide Commercial EPCs when a commercial / non domestic property is offered for sale or rental in the Torquay area..

 The commercial EPC will inform potential buyers or tenants of properties in and around Torquay about the energy performance of the building, so they can consider energy efficiency as part of their investment or business decision to buy or occupy that building.

The commercial EPC will provide an energy rating for a building which is based on the performance potential of the building itself (the fabric) and its services (such as heating, ventilation and lighting).

The energy rating given on the certificate reflects the intrinsic energy performance standard of the building relative to a benchmark which can then be used to make comparisons with comparable properties in the Torquay area. It is therefore not dependant upon how well the current occupier manages their energy efficiency.

Commercial EPCs are accompanied by a recommendation report, which provides recommendations on how the energy performance of the building could be enhanced, together with an indication of the payback period. Essential information for business owners in Torquay.

  Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Torquay

Independent Commercial (non domestic) Energy Assessor in Torquay (NDEA) for  Torquay

Commercial / non domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPC Torquay

Commercial (EPCs) are provided in Torquay and the surrounding area for a range of non domestic properties.

HI  Devon provides Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Torquay for all the following buildings:

Torquay shop EPCs

Torquay pub EPCs

Torquay hotel and guest house EPCs

Torquay office EPCs

Torquay factory EPCs

Torquay retail warehouse EPCs

Torquay Hairdresser EPCs

Torquay Post office EPCs

Torquay Sandwich bar EPCs

Torquay Cafe EPCs

Torquay Restaurant EPCs

Torquay Snack bar EPCs

Torquay Showroom EPCs

Torquay Hire shop EPCs

Torquay Financial and Professional Services EPCs

Torquay Bank EPCs

Torquay Building society EPCs

Torquay estate agent EPCs

Torquay employment agency EPCs

Torquay betting shop EPCs

All other categories of commercial (non domestic) properties

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