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Ten reasons to do something about your energy costs now

How does this sound? Saving time, hassle and money on purchasing your electricity and gas by using a trusted

local energy efficiency specialist working in partnership with an award-winning, highly-respected and

completely unique national service provider. That’s the proposition we offer.

We don’t place an obligation on you through using our service, we simply give you freedom of choice to make an

informed decision and we promise to make it easy to secure great deals on your energy by being part of

something bigger and better.

  1. HI Devon already work extensively with schools and other organisations in Devon and Cornwall providing energy efficiency of buildings services including Display Energy Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates and Advisory Reports.
  2. Make It Cheaper have helped more that 250,000 business save more than £500 million on their bills since starting in 2007.
  3. Working together we can offer you access to fully fixed, fully inclusive contracts from 1-5 years for both gas and electricity taking advantage of the best rates available in the current market.
  4. Make It Cheaper have a transparent commission structure so clients can make a fully informed decision around the value of the service provided.
  5. We offer comprehensive account management options including on-going query resolution and bill validation to make sure that your staff do not have to waste valuable time on this.
  6. We conduct a whole market tender process for each contract and provide clients with a full illustration showing all the rates offered. Because we work independently of the suppliers, our service is unbiased and our clients will get the best deals we can source in the market.
  7. Energy suppliers will offer better prices to us in comparison to those that they give directly to organisations such as yours because they must compete for contracts from Make It Cheaper. This competitive element means you benefit from our buying power.
  8. We offer expert advice on all charges within a contract which enables you to have as much budget certainty as possible.
  9. Due to our innovative service energy suppliers sometimes offer additional services through us which clients may otherwise not have access to. In some cases we can offer ‘Blend & Extend’ contracts to immediately reduce costs in return for a longer commitment.
  10. Together HI Devon and Make It Cheaper offer a holistic approach to energy. Our job is to help you use less energy and pay less for the energy you do use.

Save time, hassle and money on Electricity and Gas with an award winning, highly trusted and completely unique service provider. Call the Make It Cheaper team dealing with HI Devon clients


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